Dental veneers produce effective, long-lasting results.

Hardly anybody is born with a perfect set of teeth. In most cases, some form of cosmetic dentistry is required to achieve the coveted ‘Hollywood smile’ of brilliant, even teeth.

Dental veneers are a common treatment option for those looking to enhance the appearance of their smiles. But are dental veneers ‘worth it’ in the long run? Read on to learn more about dental veneers and the value they can add to your smile.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are tooth-coloured shells that are custom-made in a laboratory to suit the shape of your mouth. They are designed to fit onto the surface of your existing teeth, thus creating a new ‘veneer’ for your smile. Usually made from porcelain, dental veneers are produced in collaboration with your dentist, before being bonded to your teeth to create a permanent smile transformation.

What are the alternatives to dental veneers?

A knock-out smile has two key components: whiteness and straightness of teeth. While dental veneers can resolve both of these issues, to an extent, there are instances where alternative treatment options might be a better option.

If your teeth have previously been professionally aligned, but are showing signs of discolouration, then a professional teeth whitening treatment may be enough to bring the sparkle back to your smile. However, these treatments are — of course — not as long-lasting as the whitening effect produced by veneers, which keep their colour for 10-15 years, depending on your lifestyle and diet.

On the other hand, if your teeth are quite crooked, you may need to first seek a professional alignment treatment, before proceeding with dental veneers. While dental veneers can do wonders in terms of ‘evening out’ and ‘filling in gaps’ in a smile, in cases where teeth are overlapped in the mouth, for example, your dentist may recommend a professional teeth alignment as a first course of action.

At this point, it is also important to point out that some patients may be ineligible for dental veneers. If you are suffering from tooth decay, gum disease, or are in need of root canal therapy, your dentist will insist that these issues are resolved before proceeding with any dental veneer treatment.

What are the downsides of dental veneers?

In a word: cost.

The process of fitting dental veneers is highly specialised, and each set of dental veneers is custom-built for the individual patient. Moreover, although dental veneers provide an immediate benefit, they are also designed to be long-lasting, providing up to 15 years of value to the patient.

This translates to a comparatively expensive dental treatment. However, speak to your dentist if you have your heart set on getting dental veneers, as there may be ways of doing the work in stages (i.e., ‘per tooth’). This will allow you to focus on certain aspects of your smile before others as a means of managing the cost.

Should I consider dental veneers?

If you have broken or chipped teeth, discolouration that doesn’t respond to whitening treatments, gaps in the teeth, or unevenly-sized or shaped teeth, then dental veneers are a great option for resolving these cosmetic issues.

Most people choose dental veneers because they want to enhance the appearance of their teeth. Dental veneers are, therefore, suitable for anyone looking to bring more confidence to their smile.

Dental veneers produce instant, transformative results that can bring joy to patients for many years.

How can we help?

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