Did you know that wisdom teeth are the culprit for many tooth issues people face? They tend to be problematic because they erupt in adulthood, when the rest of the teeth in your mouth are already fully formed. This leads to the wisdom tooth sprouting in an area with limited space, which puts pressure on the teeth and jaw. The tooth may or may not sprout, but either way people end up suffering from pain and other dental complications. Here are the signs of wisdom tooth infection enlisted by Integra Dental experts.

Wisdom Tooth Infection Symptoms & Signs You Need an Extraction

  • Gum pain, swelling and inflammation in the area by the wisdom tooth
  • Difficulty eating and chewing food
  • Gum infections and bad breath
  • Pain and aches in the jaw, neck and even your whole head
  • Swelling in your lymph glands in the jaw area

Whenever you brush your teeth and graze over the area with the wisdom tooth, and you feel pain or sensitivity that’s a sign that you might need to get rid of it.

If you feel like there’s a tooth that’s about to sprout but it doesn’t seem to be progressing, then it’s time to go to your dentist for an extraction.

If you have wisdom teeth, it’s worth noting that even if you don’t have any dental issues, dental professionals and specialists still recommend that you get your wisdom teeth extracted. For most people, they are too far back for them to reach when brushing or cleaning teeth, and that makes them prone to developing cavities which can lead to decay.

For the extraction, a small incision would be made in the gum in order for the dentist to have access to the tooth. You won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure as you will be under anaesthesia. After that, the area will be cleaned and the incision will be sutured to close it up.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery

After the extraction, it’s normal to experience some bleeding, swelling and pain. Because the site of the extraction has an incision, the dressing will be applied to it in order to help it heal and to avoid any infection. You will be given instructions on taking care of the incision site and also managing any pain and discomfort you might have.

Don’t let an inflamed wisdom tooth get you down. Tooth extractions are one of the treatments we use to improve the quality of life of our patients. To make an appointment to see us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.