Veneers Vs. Implants: What is the best choice for me?

Whether you are looking at improving your smile from a practical or an aesthetic perspective, both veneers and implants have their benefits. There are lots of factors to consider before coming to a conclusion on what procedure will be best for you. Pricing, time restraints and the damage to your teeth are all factors that will affect the final decision regarding veneers vs implants. 

Severity of damage

If you have teeth missing or have badly damaged or decayed teeth, implants will more than likely be a more appropriate option to consider. Implants replace teeth that have fallen out from damage or trauma as well as replacing teeth that need to be extracted. Implants are strong and durable and act just as a natural tooth would.

If you are missing multiple teeth or have multiple teeth that are severely damaged, All on 4 treatment may be a good alternative. As the name suggests, All on 4 is an entire set of teeth supported by 4 implants. It is best suited to people with severely decayed, missing or damaged teeth.

Veneers also have the ability to cover teeth that are decayed or damaged with chips and cracks, however their purpose is primarily to benefit appearance, not so much for teeth with severe damage. Veneers fit over your natural teeth and cover cracks and gaps in the tooth.

Appearance Vs. Functionality

If the reason you are looking to have implants or veneers is for aesthetic purposes, different factors may be considered. 

 If you’re unhappy with your smile due to cracked, chipped or missing teeth, you may wish to consider All on 4 treatment. Rather than replacing teeth individually, All on 4 can replace an entire set of teeth with 4 implants, creating a very natural looking smile.  This is a cost and time effective solution for implants, particularly if multiple teeth are damaged and need replacing. 

If your teeth are not severely damaged but you’re not satisfied with the shape of your teeth or the gaps between your teeth, veneers are a great option. Veneers can dramatically improve the appearance, health and longevity of your teeth. 

All procedures serve different purposes and each have their benefits, depending on each individual situation and severity of damage. Your dentist will be able to advise you with which direction is best to take from veneers vs implants. Contact Integra Dental Gold Coast today with any enquiries.