What is a Root Canal

Sometimes you just need to address the root of a problem, and the same principle applies to dentistry.

When a tooth or multiple teeth have become severely infected or decayed, root canal treatment strikes the heart of the matter. Also called endodontic therapy or treatment, the surgery involves drilling into the tooth’s centre, removing the impacted dental pulp and placing a sterile filling in the space.

A root canal is the most effective way to avoid needing dental implants or dentures.

At Integra Dental, we conduct root canal treatment onsite at our state-of-the-art dental surgery in Robina. While the procedure may sound intense, root canals usually relieve pain rather than cause it. And as we have the option for you to undergo the treatment under anaesthetic, it generally doesn’t hurt more than getting a filling.

And as with all our dental procedures, we ensure your root canal treatment is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. You can relax knowing that your smile is in the hands of professionals.

This article will explore some of the benefits of root canal treatment, how you know when you need it, and what the process involves.

When is a Root Canal Treatment Needed?

A root canal can save a tooth that has been badly infected, cracked or damaged, severely impacted by gum disease or worn down by wear and tear. Deep cavities or ongoing issues from previous fillings are common reasons for root canal treatment.

When the problems run deep enough to damage the dental pulp within the tooth, bacteria can flourish inside it, leading to infection at the root. Yet a fully developed adult tooth doesn’t need nourishment from its pulp and can function effectively with a sterile filling instead.

Physical pain, increased sensitivity, and a changed appearance can all be signs that root canal treatment has become a necessity to save your tooth.

What Are The Signs You Need a Root Canal Treatment?

There are several signs that root canal treatment may be required.

Severe toothache

Persistent tooth pain, especially when biting or chewing, is one of the major signs you need root canal treatment. The pain may come and go, but it generally always returns. The pain might be deep in the bone of your tooth or your other teeth, jaw or face.

Sensitivity to hot or cold

If your teeth feel unusually sensitive to hot or cold sensations and the pain lingers even when the source has been removed, it’s a sign.

Darkening of the tooth

When the nerves in a tooth’s pulp are damaged, they can stop the flow of blood to a tooth, leading to its slow death. Dying or deeply decayed teeth can turn a darker colour, along with the surrounding gums.

Tender and swollen gums

Waste products of dead tooth pulp can lead to swelling of the gums. The swelling can be persistent, or it can come and go, and it may be sensitive or painful to touch.


Pus around the infected tooth

When bacteria begin to spread from inside the tooth, it can even cause a small pimple, boil or abscess to form around the tooth’s root and ooze pus.

Swelling of the face or neck

If a dental infection is left untreated, it can spread from your tooth to other parts of your body. Your neck and face are two places it’s likely to reach first. Infection can cause the lymph nodes in your neck to become swollen and tender, sometimes even making it hard to speak or chew.

A loose tooth

Tooth infection can cause damage to the bone beneath your tooth, resulting in the tooth loosening. Without treatment, it will eventually die and fall out.

What Happens During a Root Canal Treatment?

First, our skilled team at Integra Dental will prioritise your comfort and put you at ease. Then we’ll administer an anaesthetic into the area around the infected tooth so that you don’t feel any pain or discomfort.

We’ll drill a hole into your tooth and remove any pulp, bacteria or damaged nerve tissue. We’ll shape the hole inside the tooth, insert a sterile filling and seal it to prevent the infection from returning. We’ll also cap the tooth with a crown if it needs some extra work to restore it to its natural form and function.

While a root canal is generally a simple and relatively quick procedure, we also offer follow-up care as endodontic therapy when needed.


Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment

There are numerous reasons to seek out root canal treatment, mainly that it stops you from losing your tooth or facing a whole host of other problems before they occur.

Prevents tooth loss

Root canal prevents you from needing your tooth extracted, and a natural tooth often functions better than an implant or a denture.

It also means no risk or post-extraction complications such as improper tooth alignment or dry socket. Although extraction is sometimes the right option, and your extraction is in capable hands with Integra Dental, saving the tooth is definitely the least complicated path to choose.

Prevents infection of neighbouring teeth

Root canal destroys an infection before it has the chance to spread. If bacteria stay in the infected tooth’s root, they soon spread to other teeth. By saving one tooth now, you can save others later on.

Prevents jawbone degeneration

Extracted teeth leave sections of the jawbone exposed and can give bacteria a chance to settle in, leading to further infections. With exposed gaps, surrounding teeth can begin to shift to fill the empty space. By saving the tooth, you still maintain all your original teeth, protecting you better against all kinds of future problems.

Boosts oral and overall health

There are other long-term risks associated with missing teeth. If bacteria enter your gums, it can cause gum disease. Bacterial infection can spread into the bloodstream leading to serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

Virtually painless procedure

It’s a myth believed by many that a root canal is an agonising procedure. On the contrary, it’s practically painless thanks to the anaesthetic, state-of-the-art equipment and our focus on your comfort and wellbeing.

A root canal is unlikely to hurt any more than a filling or any other routine treatment, and it will save you a lot more pain in the long run.

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