Veneers are a cost-effective solution to transform your smile

At Integra Dental on the Gold Coast, we are proudly one of the selected dentists offering veneers.

First developed in Europe with the goal of making cosmetic dentistry more accessible, veneers uses specialised technology which has been designed to minimise time, discomfort and the costs of cosmetic treatments.

Ultra-thin porcelain veneers

Although veneers utilise the same high-quality porcelain material as traditional veneers, state-of-the-art design and production techniques have been specifically developed to create veneers that are ultra-thin yet, remarkably strong.

The benefit of this is that it means patients teeth require very little preparation.

Veneers Basic


Per Tooth

The original and still most popular product, Veneers Basic is an effective way to achieve great cosmetic results without breaking the bank.


  • Ultra thin and durable porcelain veneers
  • Minimal preparation to tooth surface
  • Completed in as little as two dentist visits
  • Up to 10 custom designed veneers per arch
  • 3D-CAD crafted with unique digital previews
  • Belgium-led design

Veneers Platinum


Per Tooth

With premium aesthetics, Veneers Platinum offers incredibly realistic porcelain veneers that can help patients achieve a stunning, natural-looking smile at a more competitive price.


  • Premium aesthetics with layered porcelain
  • Full range of shades and graduated colours
  • Most natural colouring and translucency
  • Natural characteristics and anatomy
  • Try-in fitting prior to bonding
  • Made in Australia

Custom Made Veneers


Per Tooth

If you will not settle for anything less than the best, then custom-made veneers are probably the bet option for you. With each veneer being hand-made by our technicians, it ensures that each patient gets the best possible result.


  • Customised for you smile
  • Most natural colouring and translucency
  • Designed and hand-made by Integra Dental
  • Compliments natural features
  • Guaranteed best possible result

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Affordable Smile Makeover Gold Coast

Veneers have transformed the lives of thousands of Australians. Being both incredibly strong and thin, our dentists generally only need to shave back a small amount of your tooth’s structure. And, at a fraction of the price, what’s not to love? To discover your options and take the first step towards your new smile, book your FREE Consultation now.

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