Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry Robina, Gold Coast

It’s important to start forming healthy oral habits from a young age and making the dentist a positive and fun experience for kids.

We provide a comfortable and enjoyable setting for your child to get their regular check-up, cleans/scales and fluoride treatments.

Our kids’ dental services are conducted by experienced and friendly dentists from our new dental practice in Robina. We recommend that children’s check-ups are scheduled every six months in order to develop really positive habits.

Why Is Children’s Oral Health Important?

Unfortunately, because of a combination of poor nutrition and poor oral hygiene, tooth decay is a common problem in young children. That said, it is an issue that can be avoided by teaching good oral hygiene habits from a young age. We highly recommend that you establish a proper oral hygiene routine for your child as early as possible to ensure that their teeth and gums stay healthy in the long term. Regular toothbrushing is essential, as is flossing. We also recommend a balanced diet that is rich in whole foods, and low in processed sugar.

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We recommend that you bring your child in for regular dental check-ups every six months. You can begin this routine as soon as your child’s first tooth erupts, and ideally before the age of two years old. The earlier your child becomes familiar with dental visits, the less likely they are to feel anxious about visiting the dentist on a regular basis and good habits can be established. At Integra Dental Gold Coast, we offer complete children’s dentistry services.

Maintaining your child’s oral health from a young age helps to set a good foundation for their permanent teeth, and will be highly beneficial in the course of their lifetime.

What Dental Services Do We Offer for Children?

We offer a wide range of children’s dentistry services in Gold Coast, including:

Fissure Sealants

We offer fissure sealants, which are helpful in protecting against plaque and acids that can lead to tooth decay. The sealants are applied on hard-to-reach areas in the mouth, such as the chewing surfaces of the back teeth or molars. The procedure itself is quick and painless, and does not require any anaesthetic.

We generally recommend that fissure sealants are applied as soon as your child’s permanent teeth erupt. You can expect your child’s first set of permanent molars to erupt at around the age of six years old, while their second permanent molars should come in at around the age of 12 years old.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can help to strengthen the teeth and prevent tooth decay. Fluoride helps to make the teeth more resistant to the damaging effects of plaque, acid, bacteria and sugars in the mouth.

When we apply a fluoride treatment, the process is quick and easy. We typically apply fluoride in the form of a gel, foam or varnish, and the procedure does not cause any pain or discomfort. Fluoride treatments are particularly helpful for children who are at high risk of tooth decay, so if you are concerned about your child’s oral health, we recommend that you bring them in to see us. We will evaluate their overall oral health and let you know if a fluoride treatment suits their needs.


We often perform x-rays as part of our routine check-ups for children as they are a useful means to check for abnormalities that are not visible to the naked eye. We generally recommend that children come in for an x-ray every six to 12 months, depending on their overall oral health and susceptibility to tooth decay.

Check-ups and Cleans

We recommend that you bring your child in for a dental check-up and clean every six months. This will ensure that any issues are detected and treated as early as possible, and that your child’s oral health is maintained in the long-term. Our team is experienced in treating children, and will make sure that their experience is as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

During a check-up, your child’s dentist will check your little one’s teeth and gums, as well as jaws. Any issues will be thoroughly explained to you, and if treatment is necessary, a customised plan will be formulated based on your child’s particular needs.